November 12, 2019

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document and a way of giving someone else permission to make decisions about your money and property, as well as your health and personal welfare. It usually sets out what you would want to happen in the future if you could no longer look after your own affairs.

POAs are recommended for all seniors, however it is not just the elderly that should have one. They could be useful if you are working or living away from home for some time, or if you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself due to illness or serious accident. Unfortunately this can happen to anyone at any time – from skiing accidents to sudden strokes, nobody knows what is round the corner.

If you have not granted a POA and can no longer make decisions for yourself, either the local authority may step in and deal with matters or a family member would have to apply for a Guardianship order which can be time consuming, costly and stressful.

If you have been putting off making a Will and appointing a Power of Attorney then now is the time to do it.