October 14, 2019

Moving up the property ladder is an important conquest for baby boomers, millennials and generation Z – A sign of adulthood, nothing is as satisfying as signing on the dotted line of a brand new home.

For many, property is an investment piece that you hope will give you a sizeable profit. Especially for avid interior designers, or for those who want to make money off property. If you have the trained eye and common sense, you can quickly turn a dilapidated home into a stunning space for all of the family.

One of the main money makers is buying a property that is in an up and coming area – consider the developments and location – are there good local schools, shops and parks nearby? What’s more, does the home have any USP’s like a stunning view that you can take advantage of? If you are intrigued by these questions and want to find out more about how to increase the value of your home, our experts at McDougall McQueen have collated together some useful tips to make both the exterior and interior of your home appealing.

Rectify Structural Issues

Before you unleash your inner interior decorator, the best way to boost property sales and valuations is to identify and fix any structural issues that are in or outside your home. Not only can these be an eyesore, but also they could be expensive to fix if left untreated and potentially deter future buyers.

Examples of structural issues include:

Sagging or leaking roof
Rising damp
Structural cracks to the walls
Rotten wood joists or beams
Insect infestation
Missing or broken roof tiles
Collapsed floor slabs

As humans, we are almost trained to be drawn towards the bad before the good, and especially in the case of structural issues, this can taint the image of a beautiful house. In the cases of damp and a leaking roof – this can cause permanent structural damage to the home as well as making it dangerous to live in.

Upgrade To Eco-Friendly Features

More and more buyers are wanting their home to come with eco-friendly appliances and features. This is because not only can it save the planet, but it can also help them with their financial costs too. As stated in this article, sustainable living can reduce your overall household costs by 20 – 30%. From the smart appliances that function within your home to your renewable energy sources and eco-friendly design features – these are all attractive to the millennial buyer.

Though these can seem like expensive investments at first, they are more likely to attract potential buyers, as well as giving your home a great USP. Make sure to do your research beforehand, and see where you can make the eco-friendly changes. This can include installing solar panels, using recycled wood for worktops and flooring, using LED lightbulbs, having an energy efficient fridge, and installing double glazed windows. You will find that the more you research for eco-friendly alternatives, the more you can find.

Renovate Bathroom and Kitchen

The central hubs of the home, you need to make sure that your kitchen and bathroom are both stylish and ergonomic. Even though doing a whole remodel of your house altogether may appear like a good idea to really upsell your home, in fact, renovating only your kitchen and bathroom is needed.

Simply because, customers won’t mind if the bedrooms and living rooms aren’t de rigour. This is because they can be easily altered and changed to suit their liking, whereas bathrooms and kitchens are more costly and disruptive to change. With this in mind, if you do decide to update your 1970’s style kitchen, or your dark water closet, make sure to peruse timeless design trends

For luxury kitchen design ideas, there are a wealth to choose from. From organic painted wooden cabinets to brightly hued splashback tiles and natural stone features – a quick flick through an interior decorations magazine will provide you with a wealth of ideas. What’s more, for the bathroom, this won’t disappoint either. Key 2019 bathroom design trends have shied away from the conventional sparkling white bathroom – rather opting for injections of personality and focusing on clean organic colours and textures that make your bathroom a place of tranquillity.

Strip Back With Interiors

If you do choose to do a complete remodel of your home for a stellar property valuation, then make sure to stick to staples for the parts that cannot be easily changed. Simple paint jobs like repainting all of your walls white will help potential buyers see your home as a blank canvas where they can make their mark.

Plus, strip back the old, makeup or wine-stained carpet and let the floorboards out. Not only will this add a rustic element to your home – but it will also perfectly complement the white walls and add a further illusion of space.

Create More Living Space

Many buyers are looking at a potential home as one that they can live in for years to come. One that will mould and change with them as the years go by, whether that be for a growing family or for a change in career options. With this in mind, optimise your home’s space or build more living spaces that can be made into nurseries, bedrooms, storage spaces and offices.


Conservatories are known for being an excellent addition to the home in the summer. Letting in plenty of natural light, they are the perfect extension to the home, bringing in the natural greenery of the garden.

In addition, conservatories can be used for a variety of different purposes – from artist studios to playpens, sunrooms and entertaining spaces. Their ubiquitous presence has made them attractive to a range of buyers – meaning that they will be a great way to increase the value of your property.

Loft Conversions

Converting your roof into a loft conversion is a great way to bring a touch of Scandinavian design to your home. Ideal for gabled roofs, they create a peaceful hideaway for bedrooms, offices or storage spaces. What’s more, when coupled with Velux windows, they let in plenty of light – making them an attractive added asset to a home.


Though you may store a variety of miscellaneous items into your garage, whatever their purpose, they will most certainly be an attractive quality for increasing the value of your home. You never know, your potential new homeowners could have a penchant for sports cars or they may have acquired a personal collection of art that needs storing.

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