July 5, 2019

Whether you would like information regarding divorce proceedings or the opportunity to discuss child support and maintenance, seeking support from a qualified legal professional is the best way to receive the most honest and up-to-date advice.

However, when you’re discussing something as sensitive as family relationships, meeting a solicitor for the first time can be daunting. Here we share our top tips for preparing for the initial meeting to ensure you’re prepared and can put your mind at rest.

Think about what you want from the meeting

To really make the most of your initial meeting, it’s a good idea to spend time thinking about what you would like to take away from the exchange. For instance, are you hoping to discuss your options with regards to separating from a partner? Could you benefit from advice regarding a case of domestic abuse? Would you like to begin the dissolution of a civil partnership?

Having a clear idea in your mind of the potential outcomes of the meeting will not only help you prepare to meet your solicitor, but will also help settle any concerns you may have about doing so.

Ask your solicitor what documentation you need to bring

Forgetting to bring the right documentation to your initial meeting could make it much more difficult for your solicitor to give you accurate, personalised advice regarding your circumstances. It will also slow down the proceedings of your case as you will then need to arrange a second meeting. To avoid this, call your solicitors beforehand to clarify exactly which forms of documentation you need to bring.

Compile a list of questions you would like to ask

When you’re having a conversation with someone, especially when discussing a topic such as divorce, separation or child custody, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and forget to ask some of the questions you would like to have answered.

For this reason, it’s worth jotting down the questions you would like to discuss before you attend your meeting on a notepad that you can take into the solicitor’s office with you. Taking a pen means you can also make notes throughout the meeting, giving you the chance to reflect even after you’ve left the office.

Ask a trusted friend or family member to pick you up

Following your first meeting with a solicitor, you might appreciate the opportunity to discuss your circumstances with someone you trust. Whether this is a close friend, neighbour or family member, it may be a good idea to ask them to pick you up from your meeting or to arrange a visit from them later that day.

Dealing with issues of family law can be stressful, so having someone there to listen to you talk – or even just to take your mind off the proceedings – could be hugely beneficial.

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