May 21, 2019

Now that we are in the midst of May, it is hoped that the wintery storms are over for another year. This is the ideal time to give your home some maintenance, fix any lingering issues, and check for any damage to roofs and outbuildings whilst the weather is better and the days are lighter.

A leaky or damaged roof can be a costly and timely expense to homeowners and it is better to catch any problems early before any significant damage is done. Roofs can deteriorate due to a number of reasons, it is not only severe weather we need to look out for. Building movement from settlement or a new extension, design faults, as well as normal wear and tear can cause issues, so it is important to carry out regular inspections of your roof in order to detect problems early.

  • Clear out gutters
  • Inspect roof for any missing or broken tiles, or rotten woodwork
  • Inspect garden for remains of broken tiles
  • Check attic for leaks

It is also important to inspect woodwork – take care of windows, doors and wooden fixtures on the house or conservatory. Check for rot, woodworm and fix any peeling paint whilst the weather is dry.

Garden maintenance is always a job for Spring. From pruning trees, refreshing the soil, fixing any broken fences or gates, and painting the garden shed, the outside of your house always looks better after some TLC.

Whether you are selling your home, or simply trying to maintain your property, a spring MOT is essential to save you money in the long-term.